DevIntersection Session Wrap Up

I had a great week speaking at DevIntersection this week and already looking forward to the fall show. If you haven’t made it to this conference yet, you ought to try to make it to the next show. Just a fantastic set of speakers and topics all expertly orchestrated by the conference organizers all set in a great conference venue.

For those that made it or those that didn’t that are interested in the things I presented, below are the slides and demos for the sessions I gave. Let me know if you have any questions – best to tweet me @briannoyes if you do leave a comment.

Building MVVM XAML Client AppsSlidesDemos

Designing RESTful Services with ASP.NET Web APISlidesDemos

Rich HTML Client Data Apps with BreezeSlidesDemos

Expose Data Services with ASP.NET Web APISlidesDemos