AngleBrackets and DevIntersection–A great event you shouldn’t miss!

I’ll be speaking at two co-located conferences in April that a lot of people haven’t heard of but should get to know and make part of their annual training/conference plans and budget AngleBrackets and DevIntersection.

Anglebrackets is a brand new conference focused on open web technologies. In this ever expanding world where HTML is the king of UI technologies and developers can less and less be focused on a single platform, this is a conference that embraces that mentality and offers up some great content to get you spun up in that world. The speaker roster is full of top names in web development technologies spanning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and focusing on both the developer and the designer. I’ll be giving a talk there on Rich Data HTML Apps with Breeze.

Anglebrackets is co-located with DevIntersection, which itself is a quickly growing conference that is focused on Microsoft development technologies and packed with all the top speakers in that space. I’ll be giving three other sessions there on Designing RESTful Services with ASP.NET Web API, Expose Data Services with ASP.NET Web API, and Building MVVM XAML Applications.

Its going to be a great show and I’d strongly recommend you check them out for a great opportunity to build your skill set on the technologies that really matter today.