Solliance – My New Company

I am excited to announce a new adventure in my professional life – I am starting a new company in partnership with my friends and colleagues Michele Leroux Bustamante and Zoiner Tejada named Solliance ( Our new company will be focused on end to end software solutions development, including everything from initial architecture and design, user experience, development, security, project management, testing, deployment and operations. Of course, its not just the three of us involved in this endeavor. We have already assembled a team for a few large projects – pulling from our own resources at Solliance, and our partner network. Our web site will eventually have more details on this as well. Basically, we assemble the right team for a job, using experts in our ecosystem.

In addition, since all three of us are solution architects ourselves, we will continue to do architecture, security, and development consulting as needed for teams that are already staffed to build the products themselves, but just need some expert level assistance at times. Along those lines we can use our expert partners to cover technologies and disciplines that we do not cover ourselves to make it easy to find the help you need for your projects – come to us and we will get you the help you need. We will also be offering training and mentoring in the technologies and skill sets we specialize in.

So wish us luck in our new adventure, and please keep us in mind and spread the word about Solliance as a great new company available to help you build and deliver your products fast and well.

Our site at is a little sparse at the moment, we haven’t had time to get that all fleshed out and beautified quite yet, but we’ll get it there shortly. We will be adding an events feed for all the conferences, classes, and other activities we will be participating in, feeds for our articles and other publications, and other resources such as sample code, slide decks, etc over time. So be sure to revisit the site in a month or so to see all that stuff after it has been lit up more fully.