DevConnections Coming–Lots to Talk About

DevConnections Spring 2012 show is rapidly approaching, especially for us foolish speakers who submitted a bunch of talks, got a bunch selected, and now have to have put the slides and demos together in time for the show!

This year I’ll be giving 5 talks – 3 in the Visual Studio track and 2 in the Silverlight track. Here is a quick rundown of what I’ll be talking about.

VLA311 – Building Loosely Coupled XAML Apps with Prism

This will be a soup-to-nuts talk on what Prism has to offer, showing how you can employ parts of Prism with a light touch on your app such as commands and events, or going whole hog with what Prism has to offer by also embracing modularity and regions or dynamically pluggable and extensible client apps.

VLA412 – Embrace Async

In this I’ll be covering the new Task-based Async Pattern (async keywords) coming in .NET 4.5, Task Parallel Library, and a quick look at the Parallel class and PLINQ for dealing with collections in an async way.

*VLA310 – Leveraging Web API to Reach Many Client Platforms *

This one will cover the basics of the new Web API stack that allows you to easily expose HTTP services without needing to tackle the complexity of WCF, and also embrace the full REST architectural style if you want. The session will show the basics of exposing services with Web API on the service side, as well as how to consume them from multiple client platforms including .NET, Silverlight, Metro, and iOS.

*CXA401 – Building Extensible XAML Client Apps *

This session covers a rich combination of using MEF, MVVM, and Prism to build highly flexible and extensible XAML client applications. This one is an advanced session that really requires a trace of exposure to at least of couple of those technologies to really follow everything I’ll be packing into a 75 minute session. You’ll see how the right structure in a core application can gain you a huge advantage in being able to plug in new functionality without having to touch the core application code as you add incremental new capabilities to the application.

*CHT303 – Rich HTML5 Client Data Applications with WCF RIA Services *

This session explores another great new capability coming in the next release of web technologies. It covers a new set of JavaScript libraries being developed by Microsoft to both extend the reach of WCF RIA Services to HTML client applications, and also to allow rich stateful interactions with data on the client side of an HTML application in JavaScript, following similar patterns as are used in Silverlight clients with WCF RIA Services.

I’m very excited about talking about all this cool new capability headed our way, and hope to see you there!