Prism 4 Series on Silverlight Show

I’ve started a new article series on The Silverlight Show site that will be covering Prism 4 end to end over about 5-6 articles. The first installment is up: Working with Prism 4 Series Part 1 – Getting Started. This one covers the broad concepts of what Prism is for, what features it offers, and walks you through putting together a basic Prism app with one module and plugging a view into a region.

I should be putting a new installment up every two weeks. In the next article, I’ll be putting a little more functionality into a couple of views, including using commands and the MVVM pattern, and communicating between the view with Prism loosely coupled events. After that I will expand on using region navigation, implementing custom module loaders, and other aspects.

Hope you check it out!