Cloud-based TFS with

This week I needed to get some source control set up for a new project with a customer. The work is going to be done by a small team of onsite and offsite developers. We started down the path of setting up a new TFS instance and then I decided to take a quick look into just using a cloud-hosted TFS service for the first time.

I was extremely pleased to see a pretty cheap option with It literally took less than 10 minutes of straightforward configuration and we were back to focusing on the product we need to build instead of setting up infrastructure to support the project.

I just thought I would throw this out there to people who are considering different options for source control. The integrated experience of TFS is fantastic in VS 2008 and VS 2010. It also works wonderfully remotely because of the architecture of TFS once you get it set up. But it is a fair amount of work to get a TFS server stood up and exposed so it can be accessed anywhere. The time I saved not setting this up myself paid for at least the first year of hosting for the small team that we have.

So if you have a small team and are looking to have great source control and work item integration that TFS provides but don’t want to have to set up the infrastructure for it yourself, you should definitely check out’s hosting.