WCF RIA Services Part 3 – Updating Data

The third part of my series on WCF RIA Services went up a few days ago, you can check it out here:


This one starts off with a quick coverage of one important aspect of querying that I did not have room for in Part 2 – expression trees and deferred execution, and what they can do for you with RIA Services. I show how you can formulate a query on the client side based on the expression tree returned by a query method and that is what executes on the server side.

Then I get into the way updating (insert, update, and delete really) works in RIA Services. I discuss the way the domain context caches data and tracks its changes, and then only sends the modified entities back in a batch when you call SubmitChanges on the domain context. I also talk a little about the async API of the domain context, which I then followed up on with this post: