Exercise WCF Best Practices at Omaha .NET Users Group

Tomorrow night I am giving a talk on WCF Best Practices at the Omaha .NET Users Group.

The talk covers a bunch of things we at IDesign have learned over about 7+ years of working with WCF since the Indigo days before it was even public. Best practices need a context, and I cover contexts where each of the recommended practices make sense in the talk, but most of the bullets can be followed without a lot of context – I’ve structured it to be things you should do by default without really needing to know why, and context is needed to say when not to do these things as opposed to the other way around.

If you would like to take a look at the slides and have any comments or questions about this recommendations, you can ping me here or on twitter @briannoyes. The demo code also shows examples of almost everything mentioned in the slides, even though the actual functionality of the app and service is extremely simple CRUD, the talk is more about structural and configuration things you should be doing in your WCF service application architecture.

You can grab the Slides and Demos here:SlidesDemos