Sydney .NET User Group Fit Walk

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Sydney .NET User’s Group while in Sydney teaching a WCF Master Class. It was an outstanding group and I spoke on WF 4 and Prism (Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Sliverlight). Had some great questions and discussion with the attendees, which is always what makes a group stand out in my mind.

If you want the slides and demos for the talks, you can find them here:

First Look at WF 4:Slides(no pre-built demo code, all on the fly demos in VS 2010 Beta 2)

Building Composite WPF and Silverlight Applications:SlidesDemos

The other thing that made this group stand out for me (besides the above and the fact that it is run by friend and fellow RD Adam Cogan from SSW Software) was that instead of going out for beers or something else unhealthy afterwards, a small group of us went for a short power walk for some exercise afterwards around the area of the user group meeting. You can see the route we walked here:

Nice variation for someone who is trying to lose weight and good chance to keep the technology discussion going with some of the attendees afterwards. Thanks to Adam for organizing!