Avoiding Login Dialogs with TFS Remote Access

I’ve been working on a project for a remote customer for a number of months and something that constantly bugged me is the way TFS wants you to log in every time you open your solution or fire up Team Explorer. Unlike other login dialogs in Windows and Internet Explorer, the one presented by TFS does not have the magic checkbox to “Remember my password”. But at some point I did something on one machine and it stopped asking and was logging me in automatically if I was online. Excellent! Now how to get it to behave the same on my other two dev machines?

I did a little thinking and realized that TFS just uses HTTP Web Services for it remote access. The team project I was working on was using SSL and a particular port, lets say it was 8089.

So I just fired up the browser, hit http://tfs.somecompany.com:8089 and I got the standard IE login dialog which does have the Save password checkbox. Checked that box, got and error of course because the web service is not designed to be used from the browser, but now whenever I hit the team project in VS through opening the source controlled solution or opening Team Explorer, viola it logs me automatically now.

10 seconds of effort on any machine to avoid the repeated hassles of logins. Nice.