Visual Studio Connections Slides and Demos

I gave three talks at Visual Studio Connections in Las Vegas this week:

  • Selecting the Right Client Technology
  • This session summarized the capabilities, pros, cons, and influencing factors for deciding between smart client or web, WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Silverlight and Mobile. It also summarized the client software factories and guidance from Microsoft p&p at the end.

  • Leverage Routed Events and Commands in WPF

  • This session covered how routed events and commands work in WPF, how to hook them up, how to handle them, how to implement custom commands, and best practices for employing them.

  • Developing Service Oriented Workflows

  • This session covered building workflow services with WF and WCF. It covered the Send and Receive activities, context bindings, and Workflow Service Host. I showed using workflows as a business process orchestration that calls other services, multiple clients calling into the same workflow, implementing custom send activities to overcome the limitations of the built-in Send Activity, and calling between workflow instances.

You can get the slides and demos for all these sessions here.