SDC Day 1 - SO Workflows and WPF Interop

Gave two sessions yesterday at the Software Developers Network conference (aka SDC) in Netherlands.

First was on using WF as a service technology. I talked about where WF fits into a SO architecture, as well as SO tenets, WF capabilities for services, and then of course, several demos of how to use it. I showed simple use of Send/Receive activities, how to split out the context instance ID from the proxy so it can be handed off to multiple clients, and how to make callsbacks from one workflow to another with service calls.

You can grab the slides and demos for Developing Service Oriented Workflows here:SlidesDemos

Second session was on Windows Forms and WPF interop, where I showed how easy it is to embed controls from one technology into the other, and then covered some of the limitations and things to be aware of.

You can get the slides and demos for WPF in Windows Forms and Vice Versa here:SlidesDemos