Connecting Applications with WCF Talk at RVNUG

I gave a talk on WCF last night at Roanoke Valley .NET Users Group. Thanks to Robin and crew for inviting me and for running the meeting. You’ve got a great group and facility there!

The talk covered the fundamentals of WCF along with some brief coverage of the advanced capabilities including security, transactions, queued calls, callbacks, reliability, interoperability, and other aspects. A lot of material to pack into an hour and a half along with an end to end demo coded from scratch in terms of the WCF aspects (had an existing business layer and a client that I tacked on to the back and front ends respectively, but did all the service contract, data contracts, config, proxies, etc. on the fly just to show it could be done in an hour easy.

If you are interested in the slides and demos from that talk, you can find them below.



For those who attended, the little glitch towards the end of the live coding demo was simply a matter of having two connectionStrings elements in my web.config after pasting in the EF connection string for the database.

This demo, like many of mine, use a music library database I generate from my music collection. You can either download and attach a DB backup from here or you can read about how to generate one of your own from your own collection here.