TechEd US - 3 down, 3 to go

Three days down on TechEd, and no, not three more days to go, only one (for TechEd Developers). But I am giving 6 talks this year, and the numbers are the talks down and talks to go. I wanted to get the demos out there for the attendees now so they don’t have to wait for the other sessions to be done tomorrow. Anyone is of course welcome to check them out.

The sessions I’ve given so far are:

WIN315 – Data Binding in WPF. I went through the types of objects you can bind to, how data contexts work, what a binding is and how to hook it up, along with some of its advanced properties. I went through collection view and data providers, converter and validation, and data templates.

You can find the demos for WIN315 here.

WIN 301 – WPF in Windows Forms and Vice Versa. This one covered the interop features for placing WPF controls in a Windows Forms app, and putting Windows Forms controls in a WPF app. I covered using the ElementHost control in Windows Forms and the WindowsFormsHost control in WPF. I also discussed some of the interop challenges and how to overcome them, and showed how to use property maps to drive appearance and behavior in the hosted control. I closed with showing the Windows Forms designer support for adding the ElementHost and configuring its hosted control.

You can find the demos for WIN301 here.

ARC304 – Selecting the Right Client Technology. This was an architecture track, so didn’t spend a lot of time in the demos but more on the concepts of what are the driving factors to make you choose between smart client or browser-based apps, and from amongst WPF, Windows Forms, Silverlight, ASP.NET, and mobile apps. I also highlighted the client software factories that have been produced by patterns and practices at Microsoft to help manage the complexity of client applications.

You can find the demos (including links to the public web apps I ran) for ARC304 here. Also keep your eyes out for an Arcast session I recorded today on the same subject that recaps some of the key points I discussed in my talk in an interview format. I’ll make sure to blog with the link when it goes live.