DevConnections Orlando - a tale of three sessions

I’ve arrived in Orlando and am looking forward to giving my sessions tomorrow and Wed in the Visual Studio connections track. I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

– WPF in Windows Forms and vice versa: This talk will cover the interop story for containing WPF controls in Windows Forms applications and Windows Forms controls in WPF applications. Quite a compelling story for migrating incrementally to WPF, but not without its share of pain points.

– Real World .NET 3.0 Smart Client Deployment: This is a modification of my Real World ClickOnce talk, covering the key aspects of ClickOnce deployment but with a slant towards the special considerations introduced by .NET 3.0 for security and WPF deployment models.

– Encapsulate Business Processes in Custom WF Activities: This talk covers how to create custom simple and composite WF activities and all the many things you need to take into consideration to make a robust, reusable activity.

This year the conferences is at the World Center Marriott, a change from the Hyatt Grand Regency of the last few years. Verdict is still out whether this is an improvement…