The WPF Book You Can't Live Without - WPF Unleashed

I’ve been doing a lot of WPF work lately and recently read Adam Nathan’s WPF Unleashed to brush up on a few of the more advanced topics that I had not yet spent a lot of time on.

I can’t say enough about how fantastic this book is. Never mind that it is extremely well written, easy to read, flows nicely, and yet is very dense in content. The organization is excellent and he wastes no time on fluff but gets right to the meat of what is different about WPF from Windows Forms or ASP.NET right up front.

Then the clincher – the ENTIRE BOOK IS IN COLOR! Code snippets, figures, Tips and FAQ callouts, everything. Naturally you would want some color for something that is all about rich graphics like WPF, but it didn’t even occur to me how wonderful it would be to have the whole book in color until I experienced it. Now, it is like my first taste of a color monitor after years of green screens and greyscales – wow. It was a whole different experience and I don’t want to go back to those black and white paper thingies. Alas, I think it will be quite some time before all programming books are in color, but it will be a happy day when they are.

A plea to all publishers: Please at least offer a color variant. I’ll pay more!! It is worth it!

A word to Adam: Thanks for this great book. You have raised the bar for the rest of us authors.