.NET 3.0 Roadshow Slides, Demos, and Links

This week and next my colleagues Juval Lowy and Michele Leroux Bustamante (http://dasblonde.com) and I are conducting a two day seminar on .NET 3.0 development as a roadshow in 6 cities across the country (LA, San Jose, Chicago, DC, New York, and Boston). We have completed LA and San Jose with great feedback from the crowd and are in the middle of the Chicago show.

You can grab the slides and demos for my WF and WPF sessions here:SlidesDemos

In the WPF talk, I demonstrated several apps others have written that do a good job of displaying some of the awesome graphics capabilities of WPF. Those apps can be found through the links below. I also mentioned a great document for getting up to speed on WPF when you know Windows Forms 2.0 capabilities well. That link is below as well.


Cine.View: A WPF viewing application that exposes the NetFlix catalog and ordering capabilities created by the thirteen23 company. They also have a great viewer for Flickr.

New York Times Reader: A WPF content application that provides a rich browsing and reading experience for the paper’s news content online in a Windows application.

Karen Corby’s Woodgrove Finance application: This is a WPF XAML Browser application that provides rich visualization of stock market data in a multi-paned WPF app that runs in the browser.

Keep an eye on http://wpf.netfx3.com for some more upcoming samples that will wow your eyes.

The WPF for Windows Developers document from Mark Boulter and Jessica Fosler can be found on Jessica Fosler’s blog: