Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce - Final Manuscript Complete!

I’m very pleased to announce that my ClickOnce book is done. I still have to go through the production cycle, which involves reviewing and responding to changes and recommendations by the copy editors. But the content is done, tech reviewed, and ready to go other than that. The cover has been designed and is looking pretty sweet:

Book cover

It was actually the publisher’s idea to incorporate an aircraft on the cover, which I of course loved with my background flying F-14’s. It actually makes a lot of sense if you know much about the mission of naval aviation. Our job was to deploy – deploy on the carrier to bring the military might of the US to wherever it was needed, and to deploy weapons on target. ClickOnce is about deploying a different kind of weapon(the smart client app you write) on target (the client desktop). But the metaphor fits in my mind.

The book should be up onRough Cuts ( in the very near future in case you want to get your hands on it sooner than when it comes out in print (probably January by the time we get through production).

There is nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a book after many months of having it hanging over your head as that thing you gotta find time for. Now I can tend to the many projects I have sidelined while trying to wrap this book up while maintaining a full consulting load. My wife Robin will be quite glad that I don’t have “the book” as an excuse any more. :)