PDF Dispute from Adobe - Bogus

PDF is an open standard. Adobe has gone to great lengths to make it so, and many commercial products are out there that have PDF producing capabilities in them. Now for some reason Adobe wants to jump on the bandwagon and find something to sue Microsoft for, so they are suing over the inclusion of PDF capabilities in Office 2007. People love to bash Microsoft for trying to stifle competition, which is usually based on bogus claims. Now here is another big company trying to stifle Microsoft’s ability to satisfy customer requirements because Microsoft is trying to provide a capability supported by many other companies. Why not sue every company out there that is already shipping products with this capability.

If you are going to be litigous, atleast pick a decent argument. Come on Adobe, how about you spend your time creating superior PDF management programs instead of trying to sue the only company big enough to do it better than you.