Slides and Demos from SDC Netherlands

I gave four talks at the Software Developers Conference in Netherlands this week. This is a very fun and interesting conference that is put on by a large user group organization called Software Developers Network, run by Remi Caron and Joop Pecht.

This conference is one of the most enjoyable conferences I get to do anywhere in the world. It is amazing how professional and well run this conference is, especially when you consider that it is being put on by a user group organization and it is better run than many U.S. conferences put on by companies that are supposed to specialize in this kind of event. All of the user group members that run the conference are volunteers, and yet the quality and professionalism that comes out of that is outstanding.

The attendees are hard core, ask great questions, and make the event fun for the speakers as well. For those of you who attended and find your way to this post for the slides and demos – thanks!

You can grab the slides and demos here:

Build Smart Client Data Apps with Windows Forms 2.0:SlidesDemos
Build Custom Data Bound Objects and Collections:SlidesDemos
Present Rich Tabular Data with the DataGridView Control:SlidesDemos
Drive Application Behavior with Application and User Settings:SlidesDemos