My Brother's Band - Thank-U-Drive Thru - On KLOS Mark and Brian Show Live March 3rd

Some of you who know me know my brother, Glenn Noyes,is a musician in LA and I am very proud of him. Even though he never was part of a band that achieved true “rock star” status, he has had a great career and is well known in the industry. Besides playing in a lot of bands over the years, he has been managing West LA Music, the top music store in the Hollywood area and a favorite for many movie stars and big rock bands,for over a decade.

His band Thank-U-Drive Thruis very popular in the SoCal area, playing mostly in the south bay area of LA. They do mostly cover tunes these days since they mainly play for fun.

On Friday March 3rd, they will be featured on a show that the nationally syndicated Mark and Brian show is doing, described below. Check it out if you have a chance! If you have never heard the Mark and Brian show, they are definitely the funniest morning show I have heard anywhere. I always look forward to listening when I am on travel in the LA area because I invariable laugh my ass off, and KLOS is one of my favorite stations in the area for music preference anyway.

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[![John McGonigle on Bass & Vocals]( "")]( "") [![Glenn Noyes on Drums & Vocals]( "")]( "") [![Kevin Layland on Guitars]( "")]( "") [![Tim Santo on lead vocals]( "")]( "")
John McGonigle Glenn Noyes Kevin Layland Tim Santo

On Friday, March 3rd, **THANK U DRIVE THRU** will be performing live on KLOS 95.5 Mark and Brian morning show! We were chosen to be the house band for the “[2 Strangers and a Wedding]( "")” promotion that has been running for the last month and has been the talk of Los Angeles. They have been interviewing potential brides and grooms on the air for the last month and on March 3rd, two complete strangers will walk down the aisle to be married and will see each other for the 1st time as they walk down the aisle! They are receiving about $50,000 in rings, a Hawaiian honeymoon, a BMW, etc… Crazy! Anyway, we will be playing in the main ballroom on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The wedding starts at 7:45am. We will be playing the “first dance” at about 8:15am and then we will be playing the rest of the show going in and out of the commercial breaks until 10am. The show goes off the air at 10am, but we will continue to play for a couple of hours for the after party! If you live in a city that gets “The Mark and Brian show”, tune in, as it is broadcast in about 13 cities across the country. If not, you can go to []( "") and scroll down to “listen to Mark and Brian live” and click on that and you can hear the broadcast in real time streaming on your computer! (This only works during the show 6-10am Mon-Fri) If you want any more info, either email Glenn at < /font>[]( "") or go to []( "") or []( "") Listen in Friday March 3rd and be a part of this crazy event and support **THANK U DRIVE THRU**! You can also call Mark and Brain and tell them what a great choice they made for the house band by calling 1-800-955-5567 (between 6-10am) and let them **THANK U DRIVE THRU **ROCKS!
***Rock On!***

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