VS 2005 DC Launch Event

I co-presented the Smart Client session at the DC Launch event yesterday at the Washington Convention Center with Marc Schweigert, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist for the Federal Sector. We covered a lot of good material on Windows Forms 2.0 capabilities including data binding and ClickOnce, two topics close to my heart since I have written/am writing books on them. I also spent most of the day in the Ask the Experts booth along with other local DC area experts like Sahil Malik, Randy Hayes, G. Andrew Duthie, Darrell Norton, Jonathan Cogley and Vishwas Lele. Besides being a great opportunity to catch up with all these guys and exchange ideas, it was a great day talking to developers from the area and seeing how much enthusiasm there is around the availability of VS 2005 and .NET 2.0. Most of the people there had spent little to no time looking at the new stuff, so there was the usual “wow!” reaction when they saw all the great features and capabilities that are now available to them.

I think we ended up with over 2000 attendees at the event, with about a thousand or so sticking around to the bitter end for our session, which was last up at 4:30-5:45.

The folks at Microsoft that put together the event (Darryl Schaffer in particular) did a great job organizing and running the event.