Awarded MVP for another year! Visual Developer - Solution Architect

Looks like I get to hold onto the MVP title for another year. WooHoo!

Being an MVP has a lot of great benefits, but you need to contribute a lot of time to the community to earn the title. In case people are wondering the kinds of things you can do to qualify, I gave about 35 talks at major conferences in the last year, 14 user group talks, 3 webcasts, wrote a book (Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0), published about a half dozen articles in various publications, helped run the Captial Area .NET User Group, and participated in 6 Microsoft partner events (SDRs, readiness events, etc.). This is all extra-curricular activity that does not directly earn me any significant money. On top of that I had to continue to earn a living as an architect and trainer with IDesign, which is a lot of fun in itself. Sounds exhausting, but I gotta say I feel pretty lucky to have found something that I love to do so much.

This year I have been moved to the Visual Developer – Solution Architect category instead of ASP.NET because that aligns more with where my primary focus is these days. I’m all about smart clients, but they don’t have a category for that yet. I still can hold my own with ASP.NET, but just don’t spend as much of my time in that space as with architecture and smart client technologies anymore.

Cool, cool, cool. I feel privileged to count myself part of a very talented community of Microsoft recognized experts!