Demos from ClickOnce MSDN Webcast

For those who attended or are interested, here are the demos from my MSDN Webcast on ClickOnce yesterday.

You can find the webcast link for on-demand viewing here.

For the demo that went awry demonstrating on-demand updates, the little mistake I made was that I said that if you turn off automatic updates (Check for updates option at top of Updates dialog), then you need to put in an Update location, which is true. But what I was doing was fully qualifying the path to the deployment manifest, which is incorrect. What you need to put is just the URL to the root folder where the deployment manifest resides. VS will automatically append the deployment manifest file name. So when I was putting in:


I should have just been putting


Another little tidbit I didn’t mention is that you will need Full Trust for on-demand updates, which is unfortunate because it means the app has to request full trust even though it may not be doing anything privileged beyond on-demand updates.