WCF Config file intellisense... why hath thou forsake me?

In previous builds of WCF (Indigo), you had to have a particular namespace included in your config file. Specifically, instead of the default root element of:

You needed to have:


By doing that in previous builds, you got intellisense for the schema elements and attributesof the element, letting you discover the right entries to get features like transactions, security, bindings and so on correctly configured.

When I installed the Nov CTP, I was immediately lost because my intellisense seemed to have gone away. If you add a WinFx Service from the Web Site templates, the web.config still has the namespace shown in the second config snippet above. But the trick is that it is no longer needed, and in fact confuses VS on what schema elements to expose through intellisense. The system.serviceModel schema elements are now merged with the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Xml\Schemas\DotNetConfig.xsd schema as part of the VS extenstions install, so they are there by default now in the config file intellisense.

Thanks to my colleague Juval Lowy for discovering this fact and giving me back my intellicrack!