Sweden Class Complete

I finished teaching a .NET Systems Programming class (aka Advanced .NET Master Class) this week in Linköping Sweden. This was my first time to Sweden, and I was very impressed. It is a very beautiful country and the people are very welcoming and friendly. The class went well, and then yesterday I had the chance to spend the day touring Stockholm. The first thing I discovered is that one day is not nearly enough! There are so many things to see there. I spent some time wandering around the Gamla Stan (old city) section, shopping and having some lunch. I visited a couple of churches and the palace that date back to the 13th century. Then I headed over to the Vasamuseum, where they have the recovered Vasa – a 1600’s man of war that sunk within 1 km of where it was launched because the crown got a little carried away trying to make it the most impressive warship afloat at the time and ended up making it so top heavy it flipped over as soon as the wind caught its sails. There were a bunch of other museums and sites I would have liked to see, but I ran out of light and time and had to catch my train back to Linköping.

I’m supposed to teach another class over here in March, so I will definitely try to work in another Stockholm visit then as well.

If you are ever debating about which European cities you ought to visit on a pleasure trip, make sure you add Stockholm to the top of the list!