Major headbanging fix

Apparently Ten Thousand Fists released about a week ago. I happened upon it tonight as I was doing some coding to maximum volume Disturbed and it occurred to me they were due for a new album. Listening to it and burning from Rhapsody now.

This album F*&cking rocks. Period. First impressions: ((((The Sickness + Believe)++)++)++)++

Yes, my dirty little secret about music preferences is out. Yes, this is the same guy who blogged about Bonda while back. Look, my first album was Black Sabbath, my first concert was Kiss, Ted Nugent, and Montrose at Anaheim stadium at the tender young age of 11 in 1976. Lets just say my earliest music influences were HEAVY METAL. But I do have disparate tastes that span just about anything depending on mood other than country and opera.

But when I need to code or work out, rock is where I live.

Or, in the case of favorite bands like Distrubed, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, etc., it would be“Angry music” as my wife calls it. :)