Wow! DFW no longer sucks!

I’m on my way out to the west coast for some work with a customer and to attend a VSTS SDR prior to PDC and connected through DFW (Dallas Fort Worth)today. This is like a whole new airport since the last time I connected through here.

I always liked one thing and one thing only about DFW before – it is one of the only airports in the country where Pepsi has the primary soda contract. Anyone who knows me knows you will rarely see me without a bottle of Diet Pepsi nearby. I can tolerate Diet Coke, but greatly prefer Diet Pepsi.

However, even my Diet Pepsi addiction was not enough to make me like the DFW of days past. You inevitably had to do a marathon walk or take their clunky slow tram to get from one end of the all-to-linear airport to the other, and the hallways were crowded and narrow. The past couple of years of connecting through here has seen lots of construction going on with the promise of something better, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. The major improvement is the Skyway, which connects all the terminals with a well designed high speed elevated rail system. Now when you come in on one end of terminal A and have to go to the far end of terminal C, you don’t have to don a pair of marathon shoes and you will be there in a few minutes. The hallways are all expanded out, and seem even more so because of the lower foot traffic resulting from the skyway. To add ]icing to the cake, they have nice little laptop lounges with desks, power outlets, and Herman Miller chairs by the escalators for the Skyways, so there is a great place to camp out and get a little work done between flights.

If you avoided DFW as a connection in the past as I did, you might want to give it another try.