Data Binding in Windows Forms 2.0 - Final Manuscript Done!

Phew! After a year and a half of trying to keep pace with the changing betas and writing the book on top of a full schedule of consulting, training, and speaking at conferences and user groups, I am finally done. I submitted the final manuscript to production on Friday. Now I just have to respond to any questions and reviews during the production phase, convert the code samples to VB for download,and I can call this one a wrap.

You can order the book here (available January 2006):

We will have a teaser chapter out at PDC that will also be available for download as a PDF containing part of the chapter on the DataGridView control. I’ll put up a link to that as soon as it is available.

Now I am start devoting my attention to my next book, Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce, also part of the Addison Wesley .NET Development series. I hope to knock this one out in the next 6 months, so it should hit the shelves mid 2006.