Advanced .NET Master Class Oct 17-21, Reston VA

I’ll take the opportunity here for some shameless self-promotion…

If you are an intermediate to advanced developer who already has some .NET experience and are looking to take it to the next level, you might want to check out our Advanced .NET Master Class, which I will be teaching in Reston, VA from 17-21 Oct. This is a public offering of a high-demand course that we normally only offer onsite for larger development teams. You can find the full class description here. This will be a well-timed, comprehensive, in-depth coverage of developing enterprise applications in .NET 2.0.I covera huge amount of material includingadvanced language features in C#, assemblies and versioning, serialization, multi-threading, transactions, security, Enterprise Services, and Remoting.

If you are interested, contact us through this link to obtain more information.