In Amsterdam for TechEd Europe

I arrived in Amsterdam yesterday to speak here at TechEd Europe. I am giving four sessions:

WCD221 – Deploying Applications with ClickOnce

WCD322 – Making the Most of Windows Forms 2.0 Data Binding

WCD324 – An In-Depth Look at Windows Forms in Visual Studio 2005

WCD440 – Smart Client Offline Data Caching and Synchronization

Should be a good time, this is my first time to TechEd Europe, and only my second time to Holland. The last time was in May for the SDC 2005 conference, but we were out in Arnhem and the schedule was packed, so I didn’t get to see much. Hopefully I will have a chance to do a little more sightseeing in Amsterdam while I am here. People in old town Alexandria where I live like to brag about our 200 year old homes and buildings, but some of the structures here dating back to the 1600s or even 1400s kind of put old town to shame.

And yes, I did wander through the red light district last night to see what all the hubbub was about. Holy crap, talk about sensory overload. The laws are quite liberal here indeed. I didn’t imbibe in any of the carnal pleasures available. It was enough of a shock to the system just wandering through. And Las Vegas calls itself sin city? Hah! Las Vegas is like a friggin bible camp compared to this place. :)

It does make an interesting contrast to the puritanical approach to everything that is the default in the US. Here, they just allow it, tax it, regulate it, and a lot less people get hurt in the process (both from the indulgences themselves, and especially from the lack of crime that surrounds the industries).