SPOT watch - free - cool...

Yesterday I attended an all day event at the local Microsoft Office called the MVP Engagement Tour. This was put on by the team at Microsoft that manages the MVP program, and they are hitting about 20 major cities around the country and getting a chance to talk with the MVPs in that area (both developer, IT Pro, and End User app) about the program and what they are doing right or wrong.It was a great event and a good chance to find learn more about the program and how to optimize my role in the community and with Microsoft as an MVP.

Besides learning a lot and getting to network with the other MVPs in the area, they gave us a nice little gift for participating – A Suunto SPOT Watch with 3 months free MSN Direct. NICE. I had pondered getting one of these little beasts before, but couldn’t quite justify another $200 gadget. Now that I have it, maybe I will actually play around with creating some app for it.

Being an MVP and having early access to bits and great channels into the Microsoft product teams is reward enough for the time I spent speaking and writing, evangelizing Microsoft products and educating the community on them. But I’m always a sucker for cool toys too. Thanks MVP Team!!!