Clawing my way back onto the face of the earth

The last month and a half has bascially flown by. I have had to keep myself from doing anything that was not of critical priority, because I had too many events stacked up that were of critical priority.

In the last month and a half, I have:

  • Bought a house

  • Moved

  • Had a baby (Nathan).. Holy crap, I’m a dad! :)

  • Helped my wife recover and care for our son after some complications with her that required every other day visits to the hospital for weeks

  • Sold my old house (twice, but that is another story)

  • Finalized a title for my upcoming book (Data Binding in Windows Forms 2.0: Programming Smart Client Data Applications with .NET 2.0).

  • Completed another chapter for that book

  • Completely neglected the remaining three chapters of the book for over a month (Sorry Joan!!!)

  • Agreed to start another book very soon (details to follow) that I will complete within about 6 months

  • Agreed to write another book soon after that to make sure I am overcommitted for all of 2005

  • Wrote an article for The Server Side .NET that will be up soon on Smart Client Deployment and Update.

  • Wrote an article for CoDe Magazine that will be in the April issue.

  • Wrote a lengthy research paper as my “comprehensive exam“ for an M.E. degree in CS that I have been working on at University of Colorado Boulder remotely for about 5 years.

  • Continued with my last class toward that degree with non-trivial weekly homeworks.

  • Completed the slides for 3 talks and a full day tutorial I am giving at Visual Studio Connections in Orlando 20-24 March.

  • Wrote proposals and got invited to speak at Microsoft TechEd in Orlando in June, SDC in the Netherlands in May, and DevTeach in Montreal in June.

  • Wrote some other proposals for some other conferences further out in the year (fingers crossed).

  • Spoke at the Charlottesville .NET Users Group (thanks Eric!!, it was great!)

  • And a few other little things in there as well.

Things are starting to settle down now, I am getting a few hours of sleep a night in between feedings and diaper changes, and I am hoping to do a better job managing my calendar for the rest of the year. The one thing notably missing from the list above is anything that generates any significant income, which does not go well with the new house with a much bigger mortgage and impending child care when my wife Robin goes back to work in a couple months. Sigh.

Of course I probably still won’t find time to blog about much other than pointers to all the other writing and speaking I am doing for publications and conferences… I don’t know how guys like Scott and Chris and Sam and many others do it. I haven’t even found time to read blogs for the last month, let alone write any meaningful ones…