Non-Figureoutable Features

My wife Robin and I were having a discussion about ease of use of software this morning, and she came up with a great Bush-worthy new word: Figureoutable. She is in the Navy and her office has to deal with a lot of official message traffic. They are forced to use crappy software to manage, compose, and review messages. She was describing the fact that there are a number of secretaries in the office who have to deal with this stuff, but they are all of a generation and mindset where “computers are hard.” She just made the comment that some of the stuff you have to do using the software is “just non-figureoutable.”

I had to bust out laughing. This word is just so much more descriptive than “user friendly” or discoverable, or whatever other term you want to use.

Unfortunately this problem is prevalent in her environment. It drives me nuts as an ex-Navy guy myself to see them still using crappy Win95 era software that looks like it was written by some high school student as a class project, and yet this software is being used to manage core administrative functions that tens of thousands of peoples lives daily and have a significant impact on their ability to do their work, such as message traffic, fitness reports and evaluations, security clearances and so on.