Getting back in the saddle

OK, I know. I might as well not have a blog for all the posting I have done to it recently. Dec was a busy month, teaching 3 back to back 6 day sessions of our .NET Master Class to a customer in DC. Then I jetted off for a week vacation in beautiful St. Martin where I did absolutely nothing technical for an entire week, the first time I have completely relaxed for that long in as long as I can remember. The months prior to that, much of the same, conferences, the book, more customer demand than personal capacity, so blogging wasn’t making it to the top of the priority queue.

So now I’m back and getting caught up. That includes trying to get back into at least reading blogs, which I had not been doing for a couple of months because of being swamped. Maybe I’ll even write a few posts that people would care about.

Going to be a busy year with finishing up my book (Building Windows Forms Data Applications with .NET 2.0), moving to a new house, having a baby (and therefore discovering how much free time I actually used to have), probably starting another book, and continuing to work hard helping customers to learn how to properly employ .NET for application development.

I’m thinking 2005 is going to be a very fun year!