Enroute to Kuala Lumpur

I’m sitting in Singapore airport enjoying the airport wide wireless waiting to complete my trip to Kuala Lumpur for TechEd Malaysia. I have been traveling now for about 30 hours straight since getting to the airport in DC, with only a couple of naps on the 13 hour flight from San Fran to Hong Kong, and now have to lay over for 7 hours waiting for a 1 hour connection to Kuala Lumpur in the morning. Pretty brutal. Unfortunately the more optimal connection schedules were about $1000 more and broke the limit for airline tickets for the Microsoft TechEd budget. So I am getting some serious training in patience and endurance.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday, when I will trek into the rainforest and to a wild elephant preserve with Tim Huckaby, Richard Campbell, Kim Tripp, Adam Cogen, and Goksin Bakir. Should be a great adventure, and thanks to Tim for setting the whole thing up with his contacts in the Utan Bara Adventure Team.