Reflector, what an awesome tool!

I just have to do a little spontanuous gushing on Reflector due to how extremely useful it is for me while working on my book (Building Windows Forms Data Applications with .NET 2.0). I’ve been chugging along, and it is going very well. However, I would be lost or taking significantly longer to get things figured out if it were not for Reflector.

I’ve been using Reflector off an on for a while now, but only recently started using it to figure out the Whidbey bits. It runs just fine against the .NET 2.0 bits, it just takes adding a config file to set the runtime to the .NET 2.0 Beta runtime so that it is happy. Basically, you just need the following in a Reflector.exe.config file in the app directory:


<requiredRuntimeversion=v2.0.40607 />

Every time I come across one of those gaping holes in the Beta docs that they just haven’t gotten to yet, it just requires firing up Reflector to dive into the implementation code to see exactly what a certain parameter means and how the method is going to use it.

Lutz Roeder: they should have a special community title for people like you who create tools of this caliber and usefulness, and then put them out there for free. Perhaps Microsoft Community Demi-God would be sufficient, perhaps not.

The fact that the tool is very polished and functional beyond just decompiling the IL is just very rich gravy on the steak. I especially love being able to get the Callee graph on something to see where a particular property is used or a method called from.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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