Clearing up the lingo: Whitehorse, Burton, Visual Studio Team System

A lot of people are throwing around the terms “Whitehorse”, “Burton”, “Visual Studio Team System”, “Class Designer” and others and incorrectly mixing and matching the combinations. Here is some information to help make things clear to those who might be a little confused by code-name mumbo jumbo.

Visual Studio Team System (Code-named Burton) is the family of products that will include new software development lifecycle management and design tools. There will be several product offerings in the family, targeting developers, testers, architects, and managers. Each of those will contain a different grouping of lifecycle tools, focused on their individual role in the lifecycle.

Visual Studio Team Architect (Code-named Whitehorse) is one of those products targeted at the Architect role, and contains the Service Oriented Architecture designers for modeling services and infrastructure. These tools are what are really referred to as “Whitehorse”. When you hear or say Whitehorse, you should be thinking SOA tools.

The Visual Studio Class Designer is a modeling tool that will be part of Visual Studio Standard and Professional versions, and all versions of Visual Studio Team System. The Class Designer is not part of Whitehorse. It is a feature of Visual Studio.

So just to put it in a few concise terms programmers should understand:

VSTS != Whitehorse

Class Designer != Whitehorse

VSTS == Burton

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I can get back to coding. Get it right, people!!!! :)