Demos from today's Windows Forms Data Binding with Data Sources in Visual Studio 2005 MSDN Webcast

Here are the demos from today’s MSDN Webcast on using the Data Sources Window in Visual Studio 2005 to generate data bound UI in Windows Forms applications.

One caveat – I accidentally lied about the little demo I showed at the end that was getting album covers from the Amazon Web Service. While it is an interesting little demo, I was mixing it up with the greater project I created it for as far as the involvement of the Data Sources window. This app is actually just a simple Web Service client that takes the values returned through a data set and dynamically generates PictureBox controls to present them. The DataSources window actually has no play in this one. I included the code anyway, if you want to run it, you will have to go get a developer ID for the Amazon Web Service at You will need to plug this in to the agent source file where it says to plug in your id here.