Digging out...

I’m not exactly what anyone would consider a frequent blogger, but it is my intent to share a few technical thoughts through this blog from time to time.

I have been dark on any real content lately other than links to demos and such because I said “Yes” about 10 times to many and have been totally buried with 8 webcasts, 4 conference talks, 4 user group talks, 6 book chapters, two product reviews, and a book technical review, all on top of full time consulting load, all in the span of July – September. So as you can guess, all that content creation and work doesn’t leave a whole lot of leisure time for things like blogging. Heck, I have even stopped reading most of the blogs that I like because I flat out couldn’t afford the time. Basically, my head has been about to explode for a while now, with me constantly asking myself: “why did you sign up for all this crap??“

Well, I am past most of it, at least the content creation parts of it, and plan to start blogging more to share some of the stuff I have been working on. I am spending a lot of time with the new WinForms features since that is what my book is about (due out with the release of .NET 2.0 next year), and am really digging the experience. The WinForms team has really done an awesome job with all the new stuff for building smart/rich client apps.

I’ve got 4 more webcasts this week that you may want to tune into if you have time:

Tuesday 10 Aug: Deploy Smart Client Applications with ClickOnce(1 PM PST)

Thursday 12 Aug: User Interface Process Application Block(1PM PST)

Friday 13 Aug: Extending ASP.NET(11 AM PST)

Friday 13 Aug: Bind Data Sources to WinForms Controls in Visual Studio 2005 (1 PM PST)

Then I am speaking at the Northampton MA .NET Architects group on 16 Aug (ASP.NET 1.1 Databinding), the NYC.NET group on 19 August (ClickOnce), and giving 4 talks at TechEd Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur 12-18 September. Then Extending ASP.NET for the DelMarva .NET Users Group in October, same for Little Rock Users group in November, and 3 talks at Visual Studio Connections in November in Las Vegas.

I love doing this stuff and teaching people how to use .NET. Too bad most of that doesn’t directly earn me a cent… :)