My New Best Friend - Toshiba Satellite M35

It was time at last to upgrade. I love my tablet, and will continue to use it whenever mobility and flexibility is key. But too often I found myself coding on a postage stamp screen, missing the real estate of my old 15.4” behemoth laptop.

So I went out yesterday and bought a Toshiba Satellite M35-S456. 1.7 GHz Centrino (feels about twice that fast), 80 GB hd, DVD Multi-drive (RW for CD, DVD, and the upcoming dual sided DVDs), 4-5 hour battery life, lots of other nice features. Probably the most striking feature is the screen. 15.4” wide screen with a glossy, bright screen that looks like you are looking at a plasma screen. It is marvelous. I haven’t had this clear and bright of a picture on a computer, let alone a laptop, in a long time. All that and only weighs just over 6 pounds. Nice trade between functionality and portability in my mind. All the P4 models sucked the battery like a vaccuum and weighed at least another couple lbs.

I have yet to try any games or DVDs on it, but since it is honed for that kind of thing with the multi-drve and the nVidia G-Force FX, I’m sure that will rock too. For now, I am just reveling in my fastest, brightest, most functional machine yet.