Interesting new music discovery

Thanks to a link in Windows Media player “Now Playing” section this week, I stumbled onto a new-to-me group that I am really enjoying. The group name is Bond, and just released their third album.

My muscial tastes are all over the map and only really exclude Country and Opera. I lean towards hard rock stuff like Disturbed, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, etc. (angry music as my wife calls it) for coding and working out, mellow stuff like Angelique Kidjo, Wasis Diop, Enigma, Deep Forest, Flamenco guitar, and so on for reading/relaxing, and enjoy a lot of stuff in between.

What I really like is finding new music with a unique sound. Bond is basically four (pretty hot) women who play classical string quartet instruments, but incorporate classical sound/riffs into pop/rock beats and tunes. They have stuff ranging from classical tunes with their strings overlaid on a pop sound, to pop/rock classics with classical sounds overlaid on their melody. I especially like Big Love Adogio from their Shine album, Explosive from their new Classified album, and Kashmir (yes, as in Zeppelin) from Shine. Of course they have a nice little rendition of the theme from Bond movies as well. All three of their albums are available on Rhapsody, which is the only way to enjoy/try/buy music for me now.

You can check out their video on WMP Now Playing music section right now for the “Explosive” track from their new album. These ladies are not at all hard on the eyes, and a good part of the video seems inspired by Victoria’s Secret commercials. I think there is some sort of plot behind all the soldiers and russians running around, but I was… er… a little distracted by the… err… music, yeah that’s it.