Visual Studio 2003 Web Setup project uninstall debris in metabase

Visual Studio 2003 Setup and Deployment projects make ita snap to create an installer package to deploy your web app to a server and get all the files deployed and create a virtual directory in IIS. They even clean up and remove the virtual directory from IIS on uninstall…. or do they?

When you uninstall a VS created web installer using VS or the Add/Remove programs control panel, the files, folder, and vdir go away as you would expect. Unfortunately it apparently leaves some debris in the metabase for the virtual directory that sometimes creates problems for reinstalling the same application. A quick look with MetaEdit after doing an uninstall of one of these projects will reveal under the LM\W3SVC\1\ROOT that there is still vdir entries left around.

Anyone else encounter this or know a workaround, other than to first delete the vdir through IIS manager before running the uninstall? We could of course write a custom uninstall action to clean up the mess left by the VS setup project’s uninstall step, but that kind of thing just makes me feel dirty all over.