Lookout rocks

I file every meaningful e-mail I get in a complex folder structure and have a way-to-elaborate scheme for organizing those folders and backing up and archiving them. As a result, I often find myself searching for an email I know I got a few weeks, months, or years ago, and sometimes I don’t know exactly where I need to look. Now, I have always liked that Outlook will let you search an entire heirarchy of folders through the advanced search feature, but let’s just say the performance of those searches left something to be desired.

I just downloaded Lookout the other day after discovering it from Robert’s blog. This tool rocks. Search my entire (800MB) pst for a particular keyword – approximate 500 ms. Try the same thing through Outlook itself, well, go get a workout in, read war and peace, etc.

The cost is free for now (still in preview), but this is a tool I will gladly pay for once released, much like Newsgator. In fact, the too play perfectly together. That is how I remembered where I read about Lookout, a quick search with the tool, 480 ms, and bamm – there it was, of course it was Scoble. I am constantly reading blog entries these days on my tablet while mobile (i.e. the elipse trainer at the gym) and then later wanting to go back and find that post. The speed of Outlook searches previously made that intractable. Now, no sweat.

The impact on your machine is a little disk space. It works by building indices off your message store so that it can accomplish the speedy searches. Very smart. They liken themselves to being the google for email, but really it goes beyond that.

Very cool, you need to check it out if you use Outlook with any regularity.