Spectacular Spring day

Today is one of those rare days in the DC area where even someone who grew up spoiled in the San Diego area like me would say it is a truly beautiful day. Just got back from an hour run, which is long for a dough boy like me, but it is just too beautiful not to be outside. Not a cloud in the sky, nice breeze, around 80, not too much humidity yet… awesome. Too bad we only get a handful of days like this a year here. Mostly it is either too cold in the winter or to hot/humid in the summer.

The other thing that annoys me on the east coast is on a day like today, running by apartment complexes with nice pool areas an seeing no one out there. Why? Well, this is the east coast and no summer-like activities are allowed to commence until after memorial day and must cease promptly after labor day. I’m living in a standalone house in old town Alexandria VA now, but a few years ago when I was living in a big new apartment complex near here, it used to drive me nuts in April, May, September and October – the months you are most likely to see a day like today – and you couldn’t use their big beautiful pool area.

Pure silliness. Give me back my native SoCal 65-70 degree weather with summer-like activities expected year round any day.