Whidbey toys

I got to spend a week in Redmond this week playing with some of the new stuff coming in Whidbey, using newer bits than the Community Tech Preview represents. Very cool stuff. Feels like being set free in a toy store’s developmental lab to play. Tom Hanks on geek toys.

The Windows Client team has been doing their homework and you will be very pleased if you are a WinForms developer. Unfortunately I can’t say much more than that. But you should be waiting with breathless anticipation with your trembling, twitching finger hovering over the mouse button to click that download link when Beta 1 first becomes available.

It was a good opportunity to provide some feedback based on the customers I deal with and the devs I teach through classes and speaking with INETA. It was also a great week for figuring out what the right things to cover and highlight are in my upcoming book with Addison-Wesley on Building Windows Forms Data Applications.

Next week I spend a rare full week at home befor hitting the road again.

BTW – if you are a steak lover and are in Seattle – you owe it to yourself to go to Union Square Grill. F%*cking fantabulous.