Chicago again this week

VSConnections in Orlando rocked last week. Had a fantastic time, sat in on some great talks by others, mine went well, and got to see a lot of other speakers and writers as usual which is probably the most fun part for me.

The next one is in Las Vegas in November. You should really consider attending this conference. It is small enough to not be as overwhelming and disorienting as something like TechEd or PDC can be, but big enough that you have lots of choices with great speakers in excellent facilities to choose from.

This week I’m back in Chicago for a week doing some architecture consulting. Next week it is off to Redmond for a lab. After that San Francisco for an INETA talk to on the 19th (ClickOnce is the topic) and then San Diego for TechEd (where I am giving a talk on Deploying .NET applications). After that Charlotte… and so on and so on… I think the airlines are going to like me a lot this year.