Busy, busy, busy - Speaking at TechEd, book/article writing, training, etc.

Spent the day working on my TechEd 2004 presentation on deploying .NET applications. It was very cool to get selected to speak at TechEd. I am really looking forward to it. Not that the other conferences I speak at (VSConnections, VSLive!, DevEssentials, etc.) and user group talking is not important too, but there is a whole different anticipation level to preparing for TechEd based on its size and visibility in the industry. Only about 30 of us non-MS folks picked to speak, so feels pretty exclusive to be selected. I’m wearing a leather strap around my head to keep it from expanding unbounded. OK, not really, but maybe I should… Ah, screw it. I used to fly fighters, everyone expects me to be arrogant and obnoxious. :)

Another chapter complete on my book this week – at least as complete as it can be based on the PDC tech preview bits, which is not very… This one is an introduction to WinForms programming, and includes coverage of some of the new WinForms 2.0 controls that are not specific to data binding. Since the rest of the book will be focused on data binding and will cover the new data bound controls in detail, I deferred talking about them until the later chapters. Which works well since they are all in implementation flux in Redmond still. I’m really looking forward to Beta1 to get to play with the bits that will be a lot closer to production than what I have now from PDC.

Two more articles became available in published form this week. One is my article on configuring ASP.NET and IIS to protect resource and document files in your web apps using whatever ASP.NET security mechanisms the rest of your app is using. This one is in the April issue of asp.netPRO. Unfortunately it is locked to subscribers only. The other is my bi-monthly DataStream column in asp.netNOW, this one is on working with loading XML schemas and datainto DataSets and XmlDataDocuments.

Last week I completed another partial .NET Master Class in Chicago. Next week I start a dizzying sequence of travel that is sure to make me long for a nice stable week at home. In the next 12 weeks I will be traveling to York PA, Chicago IL, New York City NY, Roanoke VA, Tampa FL, San Jose CA, Orlando FL, San Jose CA, Redmond WA, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, and Kansas City MO for a combination of teaching, speaking, and consulting.

Needless to say, I will continue to NOT be one of those guys who finds time to blog every day… Not that there is anything wrong with that, I’m glad they are out there for our consumption, entertainment, and education. I just wish I could find more time for it.