Tablet PC Productivity boost

Despite the fatbody appearance that I sport due to an affinity for junk food, beer, and wine, I actually spend 40-60 minutes a day on cardio machines in the gym about 6 days a week to try to offset said affinity.

I typically have been spending the time reading MSDN or Code magazine or other books and tech materials. Now I have found a way to be even more productive, have more options, and save a few trees. It seems that my tablet fits perfectly in the plastic book/magazine racks they have for the machines.

Sure I get a lot of stares from people giving me that “now you’ve just gone too far” look. But hey, it works for me. My buddy Scott, prez of,says that is the geekiest thing he has ever heard. Well, gosh, at least I don’t have a SPOT watch… yet.