Do my project for me

OK, so I just don’t get this, but it happens all the time…

In other countries, is it acceptable to walk up to a total stranger and demand that they devote significant amounts of their time to perform some task to make your life easier?

Maybe it is just a language barrier thing, but because of my email being all over the place in my article bios, I frequently get emails like the one I got yesterday. This one basically read something like this (shortened considerably):

Hi, i need to do a project for a class. Here is the project assignment:

I need your help to proceed. Please tell me how you would do this project.

Now I do my best to help out any readers or people who attend my talkswho write me with questions, whether they are specific to thetopic or not. But these kinds of emails just drive me nuts. I want to respond and politely explain that I do not have the time to help them, but the sarcastic person in me just wants to write something like:

Can I drop everything I am doing in my life and do your work for you? Absolutely!! Why not?? It is what I live for!!